Terms and conditions 

ARTICLE 1 - General 

These promotional terms and conditions (the “Terms and conditions”) are applicable to the promotional savings programme of Kanzi®: Kanzi Coins Sweden (the “Campaign”), that is organised by GKE N.V., having its registered office at Kernielerweg 53, B-3840 Borgloon, Belgium and registered in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0866.302.050 (“GKE”). 

Through their participation, the Participant in the Campaign (the “Participant”) explicitly declare that they agree with (i) the Terms and conditions and (ii) the to the Campaign applicable general terms and conditions of the partner of GKE (the “Partner”), as indicated on the website of the Campaign, being  www.kanzicoins.com (the “Campaign website”) and confirm their full understanding hereof. 

The Campaign runs from the 1st of October 2018 until the 31st of December 2018 at midnight (the “Duration”). The Campaign has the aim of enabling loyal customers to save up for discounts on products, subscriptions or activities of the Partner.  
These Terms and conditions are available for everyone on the Campaign website and through the mobile application of the Campaign, called ‘Kanzi Coins’ and available in the Apple® App Store® and Google® Play®  (the “App”). 
The Terms and conditions exclusively apply to the Action, which takes place in Sweden. GKE reserves the right to add, commercialize and/or process any other brand(s) of GKE in the future to the Campaign besides (or instead of) Kanzi®. 

ARTICLE 2 - Order and payment 

A Participant, having received a Saving card, can exchange this Saving card for one discount coupon (a “Discount coupon”) on the Campaign website which the Participant can use in the webshop of Garmin®. The Participant subsequently receives an email with the Discount coupon at his/her email-address, as entered when creating his/her Account.  

The Participant can subsequently order one product of Garmin® (with the exception of ‘refurbished’-, or ‘outlet’-products), using the Discount coupon by entering this Discount coupon in the webshop. Only one Discount coupon can be used per product. The Discount coupon does not encompass transportation costs (and other eventual costs) but solely applies to the purchase price of the product. The general (delivery) terms and conditions of the Partner are applicable to the order and the handling (including delivery) of the product. In the event that the Participant uses his/her revocation right regarding the product, then the Participant is entitled to one new Discount coupon. 

GKE has no involvement whatsoever with or responsibility or liability for (the implementation of) this order of the JBL-product or its handling. The general (delivery) terms and conditions of the Partner are applicable to this order and its handling (including delivery). GKE is in no way responsible for the Partner’s availability of the various products.  

If a Participant abuses or defrauds or tries to defraud with the Discount coupon, which includes trying to cash the Discount coupon by falsification, by cracking the barcode or bypass the (technical) protection measures in any other way, or reselling the Discount coupon to third parties, GKE is entitled to exclude the Participant from the Campaign with immediate effect and block his/her Account. GKE is entitled to reclaim its damages in full from the concerned Participant.  
A Savings card and/or Discount Coupon can under no condition be exchanged for cash money or spent with other parties than the Partner or for other products than products. The Discount coupon is valid and can be used in the webshop until the termination of the Duration.  

ARTICLE 3 -Delivery 

The delivery times of the Partner, as indicated on the Campaign website are solely indicative. Participants can’t derive any rights from this in reference to GKE. 
Post box addresses are excluded from delivery of products.  

ARTICLE 4 - Liability 

GKE and its auxiliaries or third parties are not liable for any direct or indirect damage (“Damage”), emanating from or in any way related to the (implementation of the) Campaign. 

GKE is not liable for any Damage emanating from or in any way related to (i) products ordered by the Participant and delivered by the Partner and gives no guarantee whatsoever regarding the JBL-products (including timely and correct delivery) and (ii) (incorrect) transmission of the Discount coupons. 
In particular, GKE and its auxiliaries or third parties are not liable for: 
- Any additional costs incurred by the Participant in connection to the participation in the Campaign and/or acceptance and use of the product  
- Any Damage emanating from or in any way related to malfunctions in its network, computer hardware or software of whatever nature including any problems or defects emanating from the use of the Campaign website or downloading of any of its components.  
- Any Damage emanating from or in any way related to the change or termination of the Campaign.  
Despite the continuous care and attention given to the composition of the Campaign website and the data contained in it, GKE cannot guarantee completeness, correctness or continuous actuality of the data herein. GKE does not accept any liability for any Damage of whatever nature emanating from or in any way related to use of the Campaign website, software made available or access or lack of access to the Campaign website.  

ARTICLE 5 - Termination 

GKE reserves the right to change, postpone, reduce and/or cancel the Campaign (or any part of the Campaign) at any moment, without that she can be held liable hereto and without that any Participant can claim any damages hereto, which will be notified by GKE on its Campaign website as soon as possible. In addition, GKE aims to inform as many Participants as possible hereof by email, at least one week prior to the date of termination of the Campaign.   

ARTICLE 6 - Final provisions 

The Campaign and the Terms and conditions are subject to Swedish law. GKE and the Participant shall endeavour to resolve any dispute related to the Campaign and/or the interpretation of the Terms and conditions and/or the application of the Terms and conditions through an amicable settlement. If no settlement can be reached, then the courts of Stockholm are competent.   

No correspondence is accepted (post, emails, telephone-calls or other) regarding the (organisation of the) Campaign, the interpretation or application of the Terms and conditions or the modalities hereof, the products and/or the distribution hereof. All additional announcements and/or publications and/or direct correspondence in reference to the Campaign by GKE are a part of the Terms and conditions. In the event that any discussion should arise, then all hereto related complaints are to be directed at GKE through info@gkefruit.com. Notwithstanding the Terms and conditions and the applicable laws to the Campaign, are all decisions by GKE in regard to the above binding and final.  

Kanzi® is a registered trademark of GKE. Nothing from the content of the Campaign and/or publications hereof may be multiplied or published without express permission in writing from GKE.  

We respect your privacy and process your personal data conform the applicable laws. You can find our privacy statement on www.kanziapple.com.  
The illegality, invalidity or unenforceability of any provisions of the Terms and conditions shall not affect the legality, validity or enforceability of these Terms and conditions or of any other provision hereof. GKE shall make all reasonable efforts and take all necessary actions to replace any illegal, invalid or unenforceable provision of the Terms and conditions with a valid, legal and enforceable provision having the same economic effect for GKE and the Participant and reflecting to the fullest extent admitted by law the provision so replaced.