This campaign is open to persons from the age of 18 living in Norway, with the exception of all suppliers of packaging, products or services (e.g. copackers), who are in any way (in)directly involved in this campaign. If a participant is younger than 18, he/she must have permission of his/her legal representative to participate in the campaign. Otherwise, participants younger than 18 are not admitted to the savings programme. Creating an account for participation is free (with the exception of the costs of internet use). For obtaining promotion codes a purchase obligation applies. The Kanzi® apples are marketed at the normal price with no surcharge. Per person a maximum of one account can be created and used. Participation in the campaign is only possible through the promotion website and the application. A participant can enter a maximum of 50 unique correct codes a day to upgrade his/her account. GKE N.V. reserves the right to disqualify or exclude from participation each participant with immediate effect and without having to state any reasons if it suspects that the participant concerned acts contrary to these promotional terms and conditions, provides incomplete, incorrect or misleading data or information in breach of the law, or acts unlawfully in any other way toward GKE N.V. or third parties.