Promotional Terms and Conditions

These promotional terms and conditions (hereinafter – the Promotional T&C) are applicable to the Kanzi Coins Estonia competition for Kanzi® apples (hereinafter – the Kanzi Coins Competition) organised in Estonia by GKE N.V., legal entity code 0866.302.050, registered office address at 3840, Borgloon, Kernielerweg 59, Belgium, email info@gkefruit.com, phone number +31 345 578 322 (hereinafter – GKE).

These Promotional T&C shall apply simultaneously with the general terms and conditions of promotional competitions organised by GKE in Estonia (hereinafter – the General T&C). If the Promotional T&C provide for otherwise than the General T&C, provisions established in the Promotional T&C shall prevail.

These Promotional T&C as well as the General T&C are available on the website of GKE at the address www.kanzicoins.com (hereinafter – the Website) and the mobile application Kanzi Coins of the Kanzi Coins Competition (hereinafter – the Application). Through their participation in the Kanzi Coins Competition, the participant (hereinafter – the Participant) declares that he/she agrees with these Promotional T&C.

The Kanzi Coins Competition extends from 1 December 2018 to 28 February 2019. Within this period the promotional codes (please see more in Section “Participation in the Kanzi Coins Competition”) can be entered on the Website or the Application.

The Kanzi Coins Competition is organised in the territory of Estonia.

Participation in the Kanzi Coins Competition

Some of Kanzi® apples will have a sticker with a single promotional code on the rear. In order to participate in the Kanzi Coins Competition, the Participant should purchase Kanzi® apples or boxes of same during the abovementioned promotional period and enter the promotional code on the Website or the Application.

These Kanzi® apples are placed and ready for purchase in the trading venues: Rimi, Maxima and Coop. No other costs in order to participate in the Kanzi Coins Competition will be incurred by the Participants, except for the price paid for the purchased Kanzi® apples.

The promotional code shall be validated within the Website or the Application within the promotional period indicated above. In order to perform the validation procedure, the personal account of the Participant shall be created first in the Website or the Application (creating such account to participate is free of charge (with the exception of Internet expenses)).

The Participant’s personal account can be created by accessing and completing the registration form with his/her personal data: name, surname, ID number and email address. Information regarding the processing of the Participants’ personal data is included in the General T&C.

Once the promotional code is validated within the Website or the Application, the Participant will immediately be informed if he/she won a prize (see more in Section “Prize”) as the winning promotional codes are selected before the commencement of the Kanzi Coins Competition.

A maximum of 1 account per person and email address (therefore, per Participant) may be created and used.

The promotional codes can be entered by the Participants during the entire Kanzi Coins Competition period and may only be used once, after which they will be rendered invalid and deactivated. The Participant is entitled to enter an unlimited number of promotional codes per day.

The Participant should keep the original proof of purchase and the sticker with the promotional code until the end of the Kanzi Coins Competition. GKE reserves the right to ask the Participants to send the sticker and original proof of purchase to GKE to confirm their effective participation within 10 calendar days of receiving the prize (by sending confirmation of the receipt of same).


The successful Participants can win Sony XB21 speakers with Bluetooth (hereinafter – the Prize). The monetary value of the Prize is approximately 69 EUR. The Participants can win 50 units of the Prize (therefore, there are 50 lucky promotional codes supporting the winning). The monetary value of the prize pool in total is 3.450 EUR.

The Prize to the successful Participant will be sent after confirming their winning within the Website or the Application to the home address of the winning Participant, which one will have to enter once the confirmation of the winning appears. By entering into the Kanzi Coins Competition, the Participant explicitly accepts that the winning of the Prize may be subject to the levy of income taxes, for which the Participant is solely and fully responsible. The delivery shall take up to 30 business days.

The Kanzi Coins Competition is limited to 1 Prize per person (therefore, per Participant) and household[1].

The Prize will be personal and non-transferrable. The Prize will not be exchangeable for cash or for another prize, nor may it be changed, altered or compensated at the successful Participant's request. The successful Participants are forbidden to commercialise and/or sell the Prizes.

Renouncement of the Prize by the Participant will not entitle the latter to compensation of any kind.

Entitlement to the Prize shall be forfeited if the Prize cannot be submitted within 4 weeks as of the moment of notification about the Prize that the Participant received for reasons attributable to the winning Participant.

To exchange the Prize, GKE may ask the Participant to send the following by post: Personal data including the full name, surname, telephone and postal address, a copy of ID card, the winning sticker and proof of purchase of Kanzi® apples dated before the participation date[2].


Kanzi® is a trademark of GKE. All rights relating to the Kanzi Coins Competition are reserved and cannot be used or modified without express permission of GKE.

[1] Household means a group of persons living in the same housing unit, having common budget but not necessarily having a family relationship.

[2] GKE assumes no responsibility for missing receipts (proofs of purchase or Prize-winning apples) sent by the Participants by post or courier. Proof of remittance supplied by said services will not be admitted.