ARTICLE 1 General

 These general terms and conditions (the "General Terms and Conditions") apply to the Kanzi® promotional savings campaign: Kanzi Coins Nederland (the "Promotion"), organized by GKE NV, a public limited company under Belgian law, with registered office in Belgium, 3840 Borgloon, Kernielerweg 53 and registered in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0866.302.050 ("GKE").

The participant (the "Participant") explicitly declares his / her participation in the Promotion to agree with (i) the General Terms and Conditions and (ii) the general terms and conditions applicable to the Promotion from the partner of GKE (the "Partner"). "), As mentioned on the website of the Promotion, being (the" Action website "), and also confirms his / her full understanding of this.

The Promotion runs from 1 October 2018 until 31 December 2018 midnight 24 hours (the "Duration"). The Action aims to allow loyal customers to save for discounts on products, subscriptions or activities of the Partner. The General Terms and Conditions are available to everyone on the Action Website and via the mobile application of the Promotion, called "Kanzi Coins" and available in the Apple® App Store® and Google® Play® (the "App"). The General Terms and Conditions are only valid for the Promotion that takes place in the Netherlands. GKE reserves the right to add, commercialize and / or process in any way in the Promotion (one or more) other of its (trade) brands, in addition to or in lieu of Kanzi®, in the future.

ARTICLE 2 - Order and payment

 A Participant may redeem one Savings Card on the Promotion Website for one Discount Voucher of 20% (a "Discount Voucher") for the Garmin® web shop, being the Garmin Web Shop. The Participant will subsequently receive the Discount Voucher at his / her entered e-mail address when creating his / her Account. The Participant can then make a 20% discount in the Garmin webshop (with the exception of 'refurbished' or 'outlet products') (placing an order using the Discount Code by entering it at the Garmin-Webshop). made from a maximum of one Discount voucher per order. GKE has no involvement whatsoever with and is in no way responsible and / or liable for (the execution of) the order of the Garmin product at the Garmin-Webshop or the completion thereof. The general (supply) conditions of the Partner apply to this order and the handling thereof (including delivery / delivery).

When placing an order on this website, the Participant will also have to tick a box indicating that the Participant has read the general terms and conditions of the Partner, has understood them and agrees to the applicability thereof. GKE is in no way responsible and / or liable for the availability of the various Garmin products at the Partner. If a Participant abuses or cheats or attempts to cheat with the Discount Voucher, including the attempt to redeem the Discount voucher by falsification, by cracking the barcode or otherwise by (technical) security measures To circumvent, or resell the Discount Voucher to third parties, GKE is entitled to exclude this Participant from participating in the Promotion and to block his / her Account. GKE is entitled, where appropriate, to fully recover its entire loss from the Participant. A Savings Card and / or Discount Voucher can not be exchanged for cash or spend on products other than the Garmin products under any circumstances. The Discount voucher is valid and can in principle be returned to the Garmin-Webshop until 30 June 2019.

ARTICLE 3 - Delivery and delivery

 The delivery times of the Garmin products, as indicated on the Action website, are only indicative. Participants can not derive any rights from this with respect to GKE. PO Box addresses are excluded from delivery of Garmin products. In case the Participant would revoke the Garmin product in accordance with his / her legal right of withdrawal, the Participant is entitled to one new Discount Voucher.

ARTICLE 5 - Termination

GKE reserves the right to change, postpone, reduce and / or cancel the Promotion (or any part of the Promotion) without being liable for it and without the Participant being entitled to any compensation. about this. GKE can terminate the Promotion at any time, which GKE will announce (as the occasion arises) as soon as possible on its Action Website. In addition, GKE strives to inform as many Participants as possible by e-mail, at least one week before the start date of the termination of the Promotion, of the imminent termination.

ARTICLE 6 - Final provisions

The Promotion and the General Terms and Conditions are subject to Dutch law. GKE and the Participant will endeavor to settle disputes as a result of the Promotion and / or the interpretation and / or the application of the General Terms and Conditions amicably. If no amicable settlement can be reached, only the Limburg District Court, Maastricht location, is competent. No correspondence is accepted (mail, e-mails, telephone calls or other means) concerning the (organization of) Action, the interpretation or application of the General Terms and Conditions or the modalities or mechanisms thereof, the products and / or the manner of distribution this.

All additional announcements and / or announcements and / or direct correspondence in connection with the Promotion by GKE are fully part of the General Terms and Conditions. In the event of any discussion in connection with the above, all complaints related to this must be sent to GKE via Without prejudice to the General Terms and Conditions and the applicable right to the Promotion, all decisions of GKE in connection with the Promotion are final and binding. Kanzi® is a registered and registered trademark of GKE. Nothing in any way related to the content of the Promotion and / or announcements of this may be reproduced or published without the explicit written permission of GKE to this effect. We respect your privacy and process your personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation. You can find our privacy statement at

 The nullity or invalidity of any provision of these General Terms and Conditions, or of any part of any provision, shall not entail the nullity or invalidity of the entire General Terms and Conditions. In the event of nullity or invalidity of any provision of these General Terms and Conditions, the provision in question will be replaced by right (i) by a valid provision or a valid part (ii) or by an interpretation that as far as possible approximates the original intention of GKE. The inability to make such desired replacement will in no way affect the validity of the other provisions of these General Terms and Conditions.