Terms of promotion

Participation in the Promotion is possible for natural persons with an age of 18 years or older on the start date of the Duration with residence and residing in the Netherlands who personally participate, with the exception of employees of GKE and their immediate family members, employees of the Partner and their respective immediate family members and all suppliers of packaging, products and / or services (eg wage packers) who are in some way (in) directly involved in the (organization of the) Action. Participation in the Promotion is only possible via the Action website and / or the App.

 Participants who use scripts, software, robots and / or other techniques that allow automatic participation without physical intervention are automatically excluded from the Promotion by GKE and GKE reserves the right to exclude these participants from participating in other GKE actions. would organize in the future. If a person who wishes to participate in the Promotion is younger than 18 years of age, he / she must first have written permission from his / her parent (s) and / or guardian (s) to participate in the Promotion. . This written permission must, prior to the Participation in the Promotion, be submitted to GKE on its first request.

The Participant can create his or her account (an "Account") on the Action Website or the App by entering his / her address details, gender, date of birth, e-mail address and a self-chosen password. GKE does not ask any costs for creating an Account to participate in the Promotion. A maximum of one Account can be created and / or used per Participant.

The Participant must accept the General Terms and Conditions by ticking the box provided for this purpose, as a result of which the Participant also confirms to have read and understood these General Terms and Conditions. A Participant can use his / her Account stamps (the "Stamps") to save for discounts on promotional products ordered from Partner. A sticker with a unique promotional code (a "Code") of at least 11 characters is attached to the Kanzi® apples. When a Participant enters this Code with his / her Account, via the Action Website and / or the App, the Participant receives a Seal on his / her Account. Each Code can only be entered once and leads to a one-off increase of the balance (the "Balance") on the Account with one Seal. Codes can be entered up to the end date of the Duration. A Participant can enter a maximum of 50 unique and correct Codes per day to receive Stamps.

To obtain a Code, a purchase obligation of Kanzi® apples applies. The Kanzi® apples are sold at the usual price without any additional costs for a Participant to participate in the Promotion. The Account is personal and Stamps can not be transferred to others. As soon as the Participant has saved 9 Seals, the Participant has a full savings card. All Stamps remain valid and exchangeable at the Action Website and / or the App until the end date of the Duration. After the expiry date of the Duration, all Seals, the Balance and the Savings Cards are deleted and the Participant can save new digital seals for a subsequent GKE campaign, if such would be organized.

The Codes, the Savings Cards and / or the Balance issued in the context of this Promotion can no longer be exchanged for a subsequent campaign by GKE, if such would be organized. The stamps, savings cards and / or the balance are not exchangeable for regular money or any other cash value. GKE reserves the right to disqualify each Participant with immediate effect, at its own discretion and without stating reasons and / or to exclude further participation of the Promotion and / or future actions of GKE, if it suspects that the concerning Participant acts in any way in violation of these General Terms and Conditions and / or the terms and conditions of its Partner, incomplete, incorrect and / or misleading data and / or information that is in violation of the law, or otherwise in any way unlawfully acts against GKE, the Partner and / or third parties.