Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The savings campaign
    • How can I redeem my Garmin discount voucher?
      1. Go to and add the desired item to your shopping cart.                               
      2. Go to the shopping cart and enter the unique code of your voucher before you pay.
      3. Pay the remaining amount via the offered payment options.

      The voucher can be redeemed until (and including) 1 July 2019.
    • How do you enter a code?
      On the homepage of the website or app, you'll find your digital reward card. Click on the first episode and a field will appear where you can enter your code. Please note: to enter a code, you have to be logged in.
    • What can I do with a full reward card?
      When you have a full reward card, you will receive a digital discount voucher. This voucher entitles you to a 20% discount on selected Activity Tracker models in the Garmin online shop: the Vívofit jr (excl. Disney), Vívosmart 4 and Vívomove HR.
    • Can I also give my Kanzi Coins to someone else?
      Once added to your digital reward card, your Kanzi Coins can't be transferred to another account. Do you want to earn Coins with someone else? Then create an account and share the login information with those you want to earn Coins with.
    • Should I keep my codes?
      After you've converted a code into a Kanzi Coin, you no longer need to keep the code.
    • My code is invalid or already used. Now what?
      Such a shame your code isn't working. Make sure the promotion period isn't over yet and that it's a new code (codes are unique and can only be used once). Should the code work but doesn't, get in contact with customer service.
    • What happens when I don't complete a reward card within the promotion period?
      Every promotion period has its own reward cards. After a promotion period ends, your earned Kanzi Coins and reward cards will become invalid. Do you have full cards? Then don't forget to cash them before the end of the promotion period! For the next promotion, you'll start earning again from scratch.
    • How do I get my Garmin discount voucher?
      When you have completed a reward card, you immediately get your Garmin discount voucher directly by email.
    • How long will this savings campaign last?
      This savings campaign runs until (and including) 30 April 2019.
    • Can I use multiple reward card for a bigger discount?
      No, a full reward card gives you the right to a 20% discount on one of the selected Garmin Activity trackers. In the Garmin online shop, only one discount voucher can be used per order.
    • How do I earn Kanzi Coins?
      On the sticker of your Kanzi® apple and on the stickers on the packaging, you'll find unique code(s) during the promotion period. These codes can be entered at or in the free app to convert them into stamps for your digital reward card: Kanzi Coins. You have a full digital reward card at nine Kanzi Coins!
    • Can I also earn Coins for free items?
      At the moment, there are no free items to earn Coins for.
    • I didn't receive my discount voucher, now what?
      You didn't receive an email from us after completing your reward card? Then first check if it didn't end up in your spam. If it's not there either, then get in contact with customer service.
    • How do I get a digital reward card?
      As soon as you've signed in at Kanzi Coins, your digital reward card is ready and as soon as a card is full, a new card will immediately appear.
  • Account and login
    • How do I sign up?
      You can sign up for this promotion by creating an account with your email address or by using Facebook. Go to 'Sign Up', choose to create a new account and follow the steps.
    • How do I log in?
      1. Go to 'Sign Up' and then choose to log in.
      2. Fill in your email address and password and confirm, or log in using Facebook.
      3. You have been logged in!
    • I forgot my password, now what?
      1. Choose 'Forgot Password?' in the login screen.
      2. Enter your email address and click the confirmation button.
      3. Click the button in the email you receive.
      4. Enter a new password and confirm it.
      5. You can now log in with your new password.
    • I want to quit, what do I do?
      Please note: if you quit, your entire account, including all earned Kanzi Coins and reward cards, will be removed.

      1. Log in with your account.
      2. Go to the account environment and choose 'Remove Account'.
      3. Confirm that you want to remove your account using the designated form.
      4. You will receive an email with a link.
      5. Click on the link to confirm.
      Thanks for your participation. Should you want to join again in the future, you're most welcome.
    • How do I change my information?
      Has your (email) address changed or do you want to set a new password? Then log in with your account and go to the account environment. Here you'll find your email address, password and address information and have the ability to edit them. Can't manage to log in? Then click 'Forgot Password?' and follow the steps to create a new password.
    • In which countries can I join?
      Participation in this promotion is open to the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.